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Results assume window film installation to windows on all sides of the building. Payback may be less for no film applied to N, NE or NW facing windows.

*Contact building engineer for value to use.
**Includes all material and labor costs.
When using detailed building simulation software, actual energy savings results are dependent on over 100 factors. This tool is based on 15 highly significant factors. This tool uses savings estimates based on the U.S. Department of Energy EnergyPlus software, see: https://energyplus.net
Estimated results using this tool are expected to be within +/- 25% of more detailed audit results, but detailed audit results may vary from this tool by more than this amount.
Buildings with less than 30% Window to Wall Ratio, buildings smaller than 50,000 sqft(4645 sqm) floor area, and buildings having non-central heating and cooling systems (such as heat pumps or rooftop units) may also have less accuracy.
***Note: Overhang used is 20% of the window height. Example: 5ft(1.5m) tall window would have a 1ft(0.3m) overhang. Longer or shorter overhangs will affect actual savings and payback.